And We Went There

Yup, the post below this takes Totino’s Pizza Rolls® and wraps it in a mother dough and makes a massive meta-calzone. Brilliant. The post after this one will recount possibly the awesomest week of eating I’ve had in America. This post is about the, well, the in-between times. An amuse bouche of the highest order as it were, it’s about an amuse bouche for the summer, a snack whose half-jewish cousin can be enjoyed anytime, made summer-time appropriate. We grilled pizza rolls. Observe:

What started as a day of sitting around Jim’s back yard turned into an impromptu barbecue. Some burgers/brats on the grill, more beer than we necessarily needed and a good dose of sun stroke. We took a trek to King Kullen and got down to gettin’ down.

Yes, Totino’s Pizza Rolls®, because we wanted them. After some experimenting we found that the best way to go about this is in a two-step process.

  1. Dump the frozen contents of a 40 ct bag into 2 foil packets. Attempting to shoehorn these little delectable dumplings into a single packet will probably just make a mess of the whole deal; too much mass to cook in the middle while the outside layer burns.
  2. After a while of almost constant drunken flipping, shaking and finagling, unwrap the packets, arrange the pizza rolls in a single layer on their respective pieces of aluminium, and close the lid. Every now and then give a little stir with your spatula. Eventually they’ll be charred and delicious. Like this!:

It's a Grilled Pizza Roll

Is that way too much work for something you could make in a toaster oven? Probably. But we were outside already, the grill was going, and we were drunk and inventive. That’s the American Way, Dammit.


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