Ordering From a Taco (or any other) Truck

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I’m a big, big fan of Jalopnik (which makes this re-blogging laziness acceptable) who did a whole thing on ordering from taco trucks this week. Hit the link for the full article, but I’m calling out a few points that carry over to any truck/food ordering situation, especially in New York:

Choose What You Want Before You Step Up

Anyone who sells food with average transactions below five bucks is in a volume business, and you standing there like a gabacho hemming-and-hawing over what kind of tortilla you want is going to slow down the process. Most taco trucks have gigantic signs on the side showing the types of meats they offer and the prices. Make your selection before you get to the window.

Know What You Want

If you’re not a taconnoisseur it may be confusing at first to see the various meats listed. When ordering you’re going to select quantity, the type of tortilla you want (maiz/corn or harina/flour), the meat and then what toppings. Generally I order tacos con todo, which means “with everything” which is typically limited to onions and cilantro. Queso/cheese is another option. Shredded lettuce and tomatoes may be offered, but is preferred by and offered mostly to gringos.

Pick Your Language

Most taco truck operators will know at least enough English to understand what you’re asking for, but it doesn’t hurt to know a little of the language since most of the menu is likely written in Spanish (or have Chingo Bling with you). Just politely ask for what you want by indicating the quantity, tortilla and meat. Here’s what it sounds like in my stilted approximation of Spanish “Dos tacos de maiz carnitas con todo” which is sort of like “Two carnitas tacos on corn tortillas with everything.”

Jalopnik, How To Order From A Taco Truck


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