Hello Little Bagel, Is Everything Okay?


I found this picture going through my iPhoto. I took it with my iPhone by the West Side Highway back in November. I felt it necessary to mobile photoshop it. It was this beautiful little bagel, sitting there all alone. Did someone drop it? Do they MISS this bagel? How did it get there? There is something disquietingly poetic about this poppy seed bagel on 23rd between 10th and 11th, mere yards from careening cars. Maybe it was launched from one of those. Perhaps the foiled consumer of this bagel had a bag of a baker’s dozen and, fumbling with keys, dog and coffee, this rotund round of dough fell from the bag, unsalvageable due to proximity to street, regardless of 3-5 second rules.

His name was Fred. How does this make you feel that I named the bagel? Do you pine for the bagel? Have I triggered something within you to make you feel bad for this bagel? Why is it that the personification of inanimate objects ellicits empathy from humans? After all it is just a bagel. Yet, do you have a sudden yen for lox?

You monster. Leave poor Fred alone.


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One Response to Hello Little Bagel, Is Everything Okay?

  1. Fred is not amused.

    Serously great writing Chris, very entertaining blog!

    ::clicks RSS::

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