Jim’s Rebuttal and Errata #1: My Hero

Hello Folks,

If this shows promise I’m thinking that it’s going to be a recurring section. Jim took issue with some of my points in the My Hero Post from the other day. Here are his notes. I’ve expanded on them for clarity below.

  • Who slices meats to order? They do. It’s the inherent difference between most NY delis.[1]
  • Cash Only!
  • The 2 weeks closed phenomenon (not the Travolta movie).2
  • My Hero is diverse; a place where the diverse and different (culture, economic status, etc) can enjoy and appreciate a good fuckin’ sandwh sandwich. Time the great equalizer? Sandwiches are.3
  • 1. I’m almost certain that I covered that, but someone else is going to have to look ’cause I really can’t be bothered.
    2. He’s referring to the sad, desperate time of year that just happens to coincide with Ramadan this year. The time of year when the My Hero Crew goes on vacation for two weeks. They are otherwise open year-round for catering and Jim finds this both fascinating and noteworthy that they toil 50 weeks out of the year for those 2 weeks of bliss at the end of the summer. I think they’re just like everyone else in America. Do you guys realize how fucking-little Europeans work? Gimme more of that. Le Sigh.
    3.This is what a BS in Psychology with a minor in Bagel Shop looks like. Drink it in folks.

    [Jim is a recruiter for Infinity Consulting Solutions and more often than not, my companion in ill-conceived gluttony. Connect with him on LinkedIn]


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