Oh haiiii scotch!


My father called me breathlessly from Heathrow yesterday. “Chris, I’m running to my flight and I noticed how cheap the scotch is in duty free. What should I get?” Well. Having just come from a kickass Macallan tasting, I instantly replied “Macallan 15!” Well, they didn’t have that. I did some Googlin’ and found that the Macallan group is promoting a new family of “expressions” (ugh) for the international traveller. Translation: you can’t buy an awesome/sort of tax free whisky from Macallan at duty free anymore. But you can get one of the three 1824 Edition “expressions”:

Macallan, Select Oak (Scotland)
The producer notes “Testament to The Macallan’s knowledge and mastery of wood, Select Oak uses three cask types – American Oak seasoned with either Sherry or Bourbon and first-fill European oak casks seasoned with Sherry. Investing more per cask than any other single malt, each Macallan cask has been handcrafted and selected under the supervision of The Macallan’s Master of Wood, George Espie. This very special whisky has a high proportion of first fill Sherry Oak casks.” The nose is fragrant and sweet, with marshmallows and new leather. Developing fresh fruits. The palate offers fruit and nuts, with increasing sherry, leather and spice. Medium length and drying in the nutty, slightly peppery, finish. 40.0% ABV, 100cl, Euro 46.00, Duty Free & Travel Retail.

Good ol’ Pops picked up the Select Oak, and like the characteristically overwrought description declares above, it’s pretty kickass.



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