WTF Happened to Facebook?


My darling girlfriend thinks that the Smartcar is just the bee’s knees. Being in my right mind, I know that it’s a death trap not built for American roads. But that’s just me. Even still, when I see something having to do with these pint-sized automobiles I’m sure to send the link her way. Such was supposed to be the case with this image on Gizmodo:

Is there something humorous about my appearance when I operate my automobile?Gizmodo | Nobody Is Going To Steal This Car

Thinking that she would find it just hilarious, I went to post it on her Facebook wall. But wait… there’s no more option to post to her wall, or anyone else’s for that matter. Let’s use my good friend Greg of as an example. There used to be a space where you could comment directly to someone’s wall, but it’s no longer there:

Am I missing something? Do I have my settings set incorrectly? How does this help us “keep in touch?” I understand that Facebook is a business and we don’t have to use it, but it’s been ingrained in us to use it, even if I’m only using it once a week to share a link. Initially their process was gentle integration of new features, eventually building up to their desired implementation of a cohesive feature. What we should be asking is, “What does this accomplish, and how does Facebook profit off of this move. Expound in the comments.


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