This Is My Parents’ Coffee Maker

cuisinart coffee pot

There are many like it

But this one is my parents’. Their coffee maker is my best friend. It is my life. I have mastered this machine as I must master my dependency to its sweet, sweet elixir of brown, black and ebony. Without me, this machine is useless, without my java, I am useless. Except I don’t much care for this machine. It’s complicated; sure it has a timer and, though its design is elegant, the buttons and knobs are sturdy and sure, there are just too many of them. The carafe heater either burns or turns tepid, with no happy in between. But there is something that I have come to appreciate: Its On Switch.

coffee pot switch1

Braun From Cuisinart

I think most people would find this particular switch ugly. Coming from a music-gear nerdery background, I love momentary toggle switches. They’re utilitarian but beautiful because of their bare “I’m here to do some work” aesthetic. And they’re always shiny. This one is ON-OFF-ON, where the down-ON is really a system-kill. What’s this mean? It means that you push the switch up to turn on the machine, and down to turn it off. This is really only awesome when you’re putting the carafe back after pouring the last cup–you can switch off the heater as you put the pot in its place.

coffee pot switch2

When I realized that this is probably intentional… well, I’m not ashamed to say that I giggled a little bit. It’s a good Saturday.


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