My McRib Review

It started with an iPhone check on my way from the Moneybrother show last night:

My obvious response was “I’m heading to Penn with 5-6 drinks in me. I’ll tell you how it is.” Well, this is how it is. [ed note: This is my unedited response at 12:40AM while waiting for the 12:41 train to depart. I was impressed with how thorough it is.]

So. You know how McDonald’s chicken nuggets are to chicken? The mcrib is to pork. The BBQ sauce is the same sauce we grew up dipping our nuggets in: tangy, brownish. The patty is in the shope of a hunk of pig– like you ripped a piece of flesh off a slow-smoked pork shoulder… ‘Cept extruded to look like that.

It tasted sorta like pork, but it coulda been a big Mac for all I knew. It was smothered in sauce and had a pickle and onion.

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One Response to My McRib Review

  1. Brian "Is Always Right" Berman says:

    I like how your random McRib image shows sponsorship of the U. of Nevada Wolfpack. Regional advertising and mid-major college sports for the win.

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