I Love German Cars unt Sabine Schmitz Sooooo Much

I love me four things that come from Bavaria: Beer, Brats, BMWs and Sabine Schmitz. This video has two of those things. And that ain’t bad. Part of the BMW Unscripted series, it’s a quick look at “Queen of the ‘Ring,” Sabine Schmitz, Nurburgring taxi driver. Just watch it.


My Mom Went To See the Social Network Last Weekend

So today I sent this to her:

Internet VS Privacy - A Helpful Venn Diagram

She didn’t appreciate it.

[via Dave Makes’ Flickr and Gizmodo and the rest of the internet]

Vegans: Hezbollah Offshoot, or Worse?

Tony Bourdain’s been saying this for years (the Hezbollah splinter group thing… not the cow thing). Streakr

Oh Yeah, John Stamos Was in the Beach Boys

I’m watching the Bob Saget Roast uncensored on Netflix (yey streaming on the PS3!) and Greg Giraldo (RIP) reminded me that this happened. Amazing.

[Fist] Pumpin’ Ain’t Eazy

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

It’s Troll a Stranger Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Does anyone else actively follow hashtags on twitter while watching tv? I can’t be the only one… Okay then…

The big websites have more or less gotten Trolling under control, but it’s still fun to good naturedly fuck with 16-year-olds on YouTube and overwrought twitter poets.

So let’s all take 5 minutes today and remind someone that they are not Linus Torvald’s gift to the internet. Take a screenshot, send it to chris@chriscona.com and I’ll submit the best ones.

Get snarkin’!

You Know, I Always Thought Angus Young Looked Like Vigo

Hat tip to Paley’s Facebook

Edit:Holy crap, this guy’s other stuff is awesome. Metallica vs Stevie Wonder. Hit it up.