This Is My Parents’ Coffee Maker

cuisinart coffee pot

There are many like it

But this one is my parents’. Their coffee maker is my best friend. It is my life. I have mastered this machine as I must master my dependency to its sweet, sweet elixir of brown, black and ebony. Without me, this machine is useless, without my java, I am useless. Except I don’t much care for this machine. It’s complicated; sure it has a timer and, though its design is elegant, the buttons and knobs are sturdy and sure, there are just too many of them. The carafe heater either burns or turns tepid, with no happy in between. But there is something that I have come to appreciate: Its On Switch. Read more of this post


On Reflection, This Isn’t That Funny

this a very cerebral failboat, you'd have to actually be able to wrap your mind around what seatow does and how you call them. On VHF 28

But hey, it’s definitely a failed boat, amahright?

It’s the Amber Alert Edition GTI

Those wheels rub like Uncle Erroll at Easter

Those wheels rub like Uncle Erroll at Easter

Here’s a GTI owner with a sense of humor. No, not because of his awesome license plate, but because he can’t be serious with that suspension height. I hope his nonexistent drag coefficient is worth the horrible sound coming from his fender flares during three point turns. Or parallel parking. Or making a right on red. I can go on, but I think we all see where I’m going here:

His car’s low.

The Hardest Altima Ever

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

Saw this guy outside a bagel shop on LI yesterday. Note the DUB badge AND transformers logo. I get the feeling that this guy isn’t sure where life is taking him, but he’s getting there on chrome 20s. He’s got Prime on his side.

Hello Little Bagel, Is Everything Okay?


I found this picture going through my iPhoto. I took it with my iPhone by the West Side Highway back in November. I felt it necessary to mobile photoshop it. It was this beautiful little bagel, sitting there all alone. Did someone drop it? Do they MISS this bagel? How did it get there? Read more of this post

Fuck Dominos, I Got Your Pizza Photography Right Here

Turns out that my Canon Powershot has a kick-ASS macro setting. Some sort of post expanding on the below to follow.