My Mom Went To See the Social Network Last Weekend

So today I sent this to her:

Internet VS Privacy - A Helpful Venn Diagram

She didn’t appreciate it.

[via Dave Makes’ Flickr and Gizmodo and the rest of the internet]


Vegans: Hezbollah Offshoot, or Worse?

Tony Bourdain’s been saying this for years (the Hezbollah splinter group thing… not the cow thing). Streakr

In Defense of the 2005 World Series or: Look Deeper, You Lazy Bastards!

Ed Note: This is an inaugural guest post by our very good friend, Brian Berman. Keep track of his posts with the tag, “Berman Is Always Right.” Cause he is, and it’s true.

The World Series is upon us, pitting the San Francisco “You have to go back to New York to find our last championship” Giants against the Texas “What World Series appearance?” Rangers. These are two fan bases that do not get enough “tortured” cred[1], so I’m truly ok with either of them taking the title. In fact, this is going to be my first stress-free World Series since the excellent 2005 World Series[2] where the Chicago White Sox swept the Houston Astros.

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A Panty-Peeling Salmon Recipe

Salmen Swimming Upstream




I used to work in a pretty kickass fish market that my uncle owns, Cross Island Seafood, check it out. As a result, I know like, a bajillion fish recipes. I recently gave the one that follows to my good friend trying to impress a lady. It’s easy. Read more of this post

Oh Yeah, John Stamos Was in the Beach Boys

I’m watching the Bob Saget Roast uncensored on Netflix (yey streaming on the PS3!) and Greg Giraldo (RIP) reminded me that this happened. Amazing.

This Is My Parents’ Coffee Maker

cuisinart coffee pot

There are many like it

But this one is my parents’. Their coffee maker is my best friend. It is my life. I have mastered this machine as I must master my dependency to its sweet, sweet elixir of brown, black and ebony. Without me, this machine is useless, without my java, I am useless. Except I don’t much care for this machine. It’s complicated; sure it has a timer and, though its design is elegant, the buttons and knobs are sturdy and sure, there are just too many of them. The carafe heater either burns or turns tepid, with no happy in between. But there is something that I have come to appreciate: Its On Switch. Read more of this post

[Fist] Pumpin’ Ain’t Eazy

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